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Sunday, December 9, 2012


Assalam oalaikum,

In verse 4:128 Allah (swt) says that if a women fears cruelty or desertion from her husband’s side then it will not be a sin on the part of the husband or wife if they make a settlement. Making a settlement is the best option. People are usually swayed by greed and selfishness. However, if a person avoids evil and chooses the noble and virtuous path then Allah (swt) is All-Knowing about his good deeds. Hazrat Ummul Mumineen Sooda (ra) had forsaken her opportunity of meeting Prophet Mohammad (saw), due to her old-age. She offered her turn to Hazrat Ayesha (ra) and Prophet Mohammad (saw) had accepted her decision.
In verse 4:129 Allah (swt) says that it is next to impossible for a person to have the same feelings for all his wives, however much he strives or desires for such an equitability in his feelings.  However, Islam does not allow a man to be lenient towards a particular wife and neglect his duties towards his other wives. The emotion of love is not under anyone’s control. Prophet Mohammad (saw) also loved Hazrat Ayesha (ra) more then his other wives. If a person, who does not have the same feelings for all his wives, still behaves responsibly with them in matters such as their maintenance, so this will not be a sin on his part.  Prophet Mohammad (saw) was an excellent example in this regard. Though the prophet (saw) loved one of his wife more that the rest, yet he did not deprive any of his wives of their due rights. He was responsible towards all his wives and never neglected any one of them despite his special feelings for Hazrat Ayesha (ra).  Generally speaking, people snatch the rights of their wives because of their being emotionally attached with only one wife. They put their wives in an awkward situation by neither divorcing them nor giving them their due rights. This is a form of extreme injustice and cruelty towards the women. In verse 4:129 Allah (swt) has forbidden men from doing this sin. Prophet Mohammad (saw) said that if a man has two wives but he behaves dutifully towards only one of them, then such a person will appear on the Day of Judgment with half of his body paralyzed.

Amel soname contact

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