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Sunday, December 9, 2012


Assalam oalaikum,

 In verse 2:231 of the Holy Quran, Allah (swt) says,
‘And when you have divorced the women and they reach their prescribed time, then either retain them in good fellowship or set them free with liberality and do not retain them for injury, so that you exceed the limits, and whoever does this he indeed is unjust to his own soul. And do not take Allah’s communications for a mockery and remember the favor of Allah upon you, and that which He has revealed to you of the Books and the Wisdom, admonishing you thereby,   have fulfilled Allah is All-Aware of everything. And be careful (of your duty to) Allah, and know that Allah is the Knower of all things.’

In my previous post I have discussed that reunion between the estranged couple is possible only before the husband has pronounced divorce twice against his wife. In this verse Allah (swt) says that when the iddah period (three menstrual periods) of the woman is about to end, the men are ordered either to accept their wives respectably or else they should set them free with kindness. The men are commanded not to keep them back for the evil purpose of harassing them. If a man does so it means that he has wronged his own soul.
Through this verse Allah (swt) has instructed men not to treat Allah (swt)’s Word in a frivolous way. The men of the Jahilliyah period used to deal with serious matters such as marriage, divorce or setting free their women in a frivolous way. They would marry; divorce or release a woman and then say that they had just done it playfully. Hence, Allah (swt) has commanded such men not to disobey His Commandments. Prophet Mohammad (saw) has said that even if someone gets married to a woman or divorces her or sets her free in a playful way, yet it will be considered as a serious decision on his part. The Muslims are supposed to remember Allah (swt)’s favor which He has bestowed on them and also the Holy Quran and Wisdom, through which He has guided them.

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