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Sunday, December 9, 2012


Assalam oalaikum,

In verse 24:33 Allah (swt) says that the people who lack the financial means of getting married should keep chaste till Allah (swt) makes them independent by His Grace. It has been suggested in the hadith that the person who cannot afford to marry should keep Nafil fasts. The hadith says while addressing the youth that if they can afford, then they should get married in a timely way. This is because the institution of marriage protects a person from zina.  On the other hand, the people who cannot afford to get married are advised to observe fasts because fasting will help them to keep their sexual urges under control.
In 4:34 Allah (swt) says that the men are in charge of their women because Allah (swt) has made the men excel over women and because they spend for the maintenance of women from their wealth. Allah (swt) has made men physically stronger than women. Due to this weakness of women, the burden of making a livelihood has not been placed on their shoulders. The virtuous women are devoutly obedient in their husband’s absence and they guard behind their husband’s back what Allah (swt) would have them guard. If a man fears disobedience from his wife then firstly, he should advise her. If she does not mend her ways then the husband should temporarily stop sleeping with her.  For a wise woman this form of punishment can prove to be quite effective. However, if the wife still resorts to disobedience, then the husband can beat her lightly in order to bring her back to senses. If the woman becomes obedient once again the Allah (swt) has forbidden the husband to find ways of humiliating her, beating her, abusing her or divorcing her. Unfortunately, the Muslim men misuse this right to seek divorce and they rush into divorcing their wife on trivial grounds. Consequently, they end up destroying their own life and also the life of their wife and their children. So a reckless, hasty decision on the part of the men can destroy many lives and patience on the part of men can protect their homes, and thereby their happiness from getting destroyed.
In the next verse, i.e. 4:35 Allah (swt) says that if the three methods of reconciliation mentioned in verse 4:34 prove to be futile then the fourth method is that two judges should be appointed- one from the husband’s people and the other from amongst the wife’s side. If both these judges earnestly desire a reunion between the estranged husband and wife then Allah (swt) will bring them together again. Indeed, Allah (swt) is All-Knowing and Aware.

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